Nikolas is my name and after having gone through the motions as photo reporter, freelance and advertising photographer I felt the need to move to another world , the world of marble onyx, bronze, clay, wood and many other materials that can be combined.
I started photography as a teenager’s school hobby in the 70’s, moved on to serious and demanding professional photography and sculpture in the late 90’s. As an autodidact photographer I studied the works of Ansel Adams, Man Ray, Robert Capa and Henri Cartier Bresson. Assisting at prominent photographers’ studios on weekends I gained knowledge and combined with my uneasy art spirit I produced memorable photographs and concepts. Innovation is another part that I incorporate in my work with patented ideas. 3 years of marble training gave me the necessary knowledge to make my dream chessboard a reality and I was featured in the Museum of Sports and Culture in Thessaloniki at the Chess Collectors Exhibition in December 1998.The 3rd Millennium Knight [articulate chess piece/an innovation was born] I had numerous one man shows, participated inmany group shows and my work has received multiple local and international distinctions.

In 2001 the Greek Chess Federation honored me and I was responsible for organizing the 20th Greek Chess final four tournament in LEVIDI –Arcadias which was voted as the best chess tournament for the 20 years that the tournament was held . With a book for the 2004 Olympic Games – ‘Tinnella Kallinike‘ I completed my photographic goal.

2006 Junior Greek School chess championship at Porto Hydra Hermioni, I made and donated the trophy’s for the winners plus the Greek chess and community dignitaries .

I embraced a new form of expression that I could convey my thoughts and feelings in as many dimensions as I can. Moving from one medium to another was a natural evolution, that came from the heart .
Having traveled extensively around the globe I witnessed events, different cultures, lifestyles and attitudes towards life. All these different elements when put together and combined with my Hellenic heritage produce the result you can enjoy at my electronic cubicle/webpage.
Now I wish you all well from Athens, the sunny part of Europe with-

Enlightened thoughts, Wise decisions.

Η ΖΩΗ είναι τέχνη ,αν δεις την τέχνη της ζωης και δημιουργήσεις κάτι, εξυψώνεις την ψυχή σου. Τότε είσαι καλλιτέχνης.

LIFE IS AN ART, if you see the art of life and you create, it soothes you and exhilarates your heart. Then you are an artist.
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